Monday, March 26, 2012

ANINO's premier night

Fedora hat from Master Mind//Knitted top from thrifted shop//Leggings from Sm Dept//Wedge from Top and Bottom//Necklace from Girlshoppe//Bag from Holloween Bazaar

I went to the premier night of Anino, the line was crazy but luckily we didnt wait too long to get inside, we waited for 2hrs for the movie to start but its ok coz the movie was great, two thumbs up for the newbies in the acting industry they did a really great job and most specially to my friend Tina as ABBY  the zombie. 
Its my first to see my name in a movie credit, and im so proud of myself "F na F ko eh! Bat ba!" nahhh... im just happy to be part of this movie.LOL. For the heads of the movie Job well done guys:)

P.S please support them.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Food Day

Food blog 
Quick post.Saturday was a busy day for me, heres what i happend.
Had lunch with my Dad at moa and grocery, then i went to greenbelt right after to watch The hunger games with my Boyfriend, we waited for the movie to start for 2 hours.So what we did was walk. My god! my feet were killing me even though im wearing flats. After we watched we went to mercato for dinner so heres what we ate.This day was food overload for me:| Got to hit the sack need to wake up early tom another long day for me. Godbless you guys.

P.s sorry i wasnt able to take picture of my outfit today coz i dont have much time. Haggard itsura ko!:))


Saturday, March 17, 2012

20th MONTH

Knitted top Thrift Store||High waist shorts SM|Necklace from Pink ribbon||Biofresh stockings||Heels from NAVA|| Landmark bag

Today we celebrated our 20th month as a couple, we had dinner at serendra, Jamba and cupcakes.
Great night?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My lil sister Tries to Blog

Ok sorry for my lil sister, coz she loves to play dress up with me.
Guess what shes wearing? hmmm...TOMMY HILFIGER lang naman lahat, hahaha:))
This kid knows how to smile infront of the camera, thats the reason why i did this. Soon imma make her the next super model.
Isnt she adorable?

 I fell inlove to her trench coats its from Tommy Hilfiger also.
Her ninang gave her a BEBE bag:) Nadaig pako ng kapatid ko. Oh! she has 20 pairs of shoes.. Gaaaadd! 


favorite shots of her:)

Like big sister like lil sister;)
What a lil cutie patootie, hope you enjoyed her kakikayan!:)
Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Heres the full trailer of ANINO 
MARCH 26,2012
See you guys:)


Bad is the new Good

Done with my ukay-ukay shopping with my Love,i spent 350pesos for 6 pcs of clothes. 
 visit the ukay-ukay near my place, they have alot of nice clothes  and its really cheap. 
oh diba? nag promote ako ng ukay?LOL.

I spotted this body con leopard top for only 50p, sleek and sexy. 

My DIY snake skin High Waist Skirt

Brown studded bag from Bazaar for only 100p :)

Shoes from NAVA, bangles from market, necklace from silverworks
All in all my outfit costs around 1,500 :) 

Thanks to my Brother for my pictures, I love you. I really love all the shots. 
Have a great week everybody.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Date Night

Saturday night is gastos night, puro pagkain lang:)) After i went shopping we had
dinner at Uncle Cheffy burgos circle the fort,Oh my gas! ang sarap lang ng brick oven baked pizza. You should try it sometime. Then went to bar dolci to for pistachio ice cream.

 What i wore that night,Im not in the mood to take pictures of my outfit, coz after we ate  inatake ako ng migraine ko :( SUCKS! migraine ruined my night, when we got home i throw up. Sayang kinain ko!:))) Though i still had a wonderful time with my LOVE:)


Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Shopping List for this month:)

Have a great summer everyone! 


Please Support

 Here are the cast of ANINO movie.

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, star magic's workshop and training department producting its first digital film, ANINO. The horror-drama, directed by: Rahyan Carlos, is a special project gives a chance to the ABS-CBN talent center's new generation of stars to work with professional actors Jake Cuneca, Jodi Sta Maria,Dimples Romana and Joel Bascon.

According to direk Rahyan, about 2,000 kids, teenagers, and adults fell in line last October 2011 when they opened public workshop. 300 hopefuls made the cut- half of which stars in ANINO. The screenplay, written by direk Rahyan and Gina Marissa Tagasa six years back,was tailor made to fit in 160 cast members. 
Apart from these talents who were selected based on how well they performed during the class sessions, actors such as Jake will be featured in the said film.
Anino tells the story of a group of adolescents and adults who go on a retreat aiming to confront their personal conflicts but end up being haunted by their past, present, and future issues.

"In the end its all about learning to forgive,learning to let go,and learning to move on."
See you guys on March 26, 2012

Im happy to be part of this movie as a make-up artist:)