Monday, December 2, 2013


Hi guys! Another paandar post lang :) anyway.. Me and family went to tagaytay to celebrate my mom's birthday. Was looking for the perfecf timing to wear it, but this is not it :)) why?? Cause it was so windy that day, this skirt was going everywhere it gave me hard time walking and running, because im not wearing shorts or something to cover my undies. Hahahaha! And wasnt able to do horseback riding! Darn it! Just want to make this post a long one. Hahaha! 

I was so excited when i purchased this skirt, because i saw Dani Song wearing this and i wanted to pair it with a sneaker wedge but unfortunately i dont have one.

Dani Song is my fashion inspiration lately thats why been hooked in black and white color, been seeing her wearing all white and all black w/c i love the most, its classy and elegant specially with a touch of gold and silver. 

You will see more of me wearing that happy color. Hahahaha. BLACK AND WHITE❤️