Thursday, November 15, 2012


Thrifted Knitted Top// Bazaar track pants// Wink Flats//Bag from landmark//Cotton on shades

Went to a job interview wearing this, hahahaha!:)) coz my boyfriend told me to wear something casual so here what i came up with, i think over dressed down. hahaha!This is not my ususal interview outfit for a job.
 But oh well unfortunately i didnt pass my exam coz its super techy about DLL,HAL. how would i know allthose things? Im not a tech geek or something.hahahaha:)) But i really want that job so ill come back after 2weeks or so to apply again and hopefully it will be a success.Thats all for now till my next blog! :)

Monday, November 5, 2012


Day 1 outfit: The Casual Look: Denim thrifted, Pants BAZAAR, Blue pumps from MasterMind
 Day 2 outfit: Corporate Look: Blazer and pant thrifted,Shoes from NAVA,spike necklace bought it inside the Bazaar for all seasons:)

Grabbed from raiza

Our magulo booth:))

After 2312432 years finally a new blog:)) Just a quick post about my experience at the bazaar for all season.  Finally i get to sell my preloved stuff at Elements tent, eton centris just in time before  my bfs birthday, i need $$ :))This was my first bazaar with the bloggers it was fun but super tiring and of course never ending laughter with my blogger friends  Kat Valdez , chesca campos ,Raiza, Teena and what we all did was eat all day and we did a "little" shopping.hahaha! I want to thank my boyfriend and brother for helping us out carrying the stuff. I love you both! Sorry im not really a good story teller im trying:)) So bear with me. Thank you so much for wasting your time reading my blog. LOL.