Saturday, March 24, 2012

Food Day

Food blog 
Quick post.Saturday was a busy day for me, heres what i happend.
Had lunch with my Dad at moa and grocery, then i went to greenbelt right after to watch The hunger games with my Boyfriend, we waited for the movie to start for 2 hours.So what we did was walk. My god! my feet were killing me even though im wearing flats. After we watched we went to mercato for dinner so heres what we ate.This day was food overload for me:| Got to hit the sack need to wake up early tom another long day for me. Godbless you guys.

P.s sorry i wasnt able to take picture of my outfit today coz i dont have much time. Haggard itsura ko!:))


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  1. The last picture is my fave shot!:) Btw, I'm having a giveaway!:) Maybe you could drop by my blog and join?:) See you there!:)