Monday, March 26, 2012

ANINO's premier night

Fedora hat from Master Mind//Knitted top from thrifted shop//Leggings from Sm Dept//Wedge from Top and Bottom//Necklace from Girlshoppe//Bag from Holloween Bazaar

I went to the premier night of Anino, the line was crazy but luckily we didnt wait too long to get inside, we waited for 2hrs for the movie to start but its ok coz the movie was great, two thumbs up for the newbies in the acting industry they did a really great job and most specially to my friend Tina as ABBY  the zombie. 
Its my first to see my name in a movie credit, and im so proud of myself "F na F ko eh! Bat ba!" nahhh... im just happy to be part of this movie.LOL. For the heads of the movie Job well done guys:)

P.S please support them.


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