Thursday, March 15, 2012

My lil sister Tries to Blog

Ok sorry for my lil sister, coz she loves to play dress up with me.
Guess what shes wearing? hmmm...TOMMY HILFIGER lang naman lahat, hahaha:))
This kid knows how to smile infront of the camera, thats the reason why i did this. Soon imma make her the next super model.
Isnt she adorable?

 I fell inlove to her trench coats its from Tommy Hilfiger also.
Her ninang gave her a BEBE bag:) Nadaig pako ng kapatid ko. Oh! she has 20 pairs of shoes.. Gaaaadd! 


favorite shots of her:)

Like big sister like lil sister;)
What a lil cutie patootie, hope you enjoyed her kakikayan!:)
Have a great day everyone.

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